There are only a few things we *have* to do in this life. Fortunately one of them can also be fun. Eating!

We’re here in the Gainesville (Florida) area and love food. We’re also mostly vegetarian. We eat consciously without getting obsessed. We also eat terrible food. Out soap box rants aren’t about social responsibility, domestic animal liberation, whaling, or organic vs. GMO foods. We’re not health fanatics who count the sugar and saturated fat content in everything. We look at ingredients but not shun high fructose corn syrup like a vampire kid shunning the sun.

We love food. We think that people should grow better relationships with their food. Stop being so angry with it. Stop eating on the run. Stop eating out of boredom (and stop eating boring food). Enjoy meals. Enjoy the food and the people you’re sharing it with. Celebrate the moment and the flavors and the smells. And honor the places that created the things giving you nurishment.

Our blog here is about food and drink and anything even remotely related. Since 90% of our lives are food and drink, the horizon is wide open for topics. And yes, it’s all opinion. Food is what you think of it. Food is emotional. Food is sensory. Food is chemical. So this all our opinion. We just happen to be right.

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